Meet the Team


Kevin   Kevin Andersen is an nineteen year old college student and entrepreneur from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. Since childhood, he has been an avid guitar player as well as a martial artist. Hobbies aside, he is a founding member of MaleBox, and has helped create and develop the product concept from being just an idea, into the unique startup business it is today. Currently, he’s pursuing a management degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Chance   Chance Lemke- Chance is a senior at Dundee-Crown HS who plays a part in Malebox, being on the B2B sales team. He plans to continue his academic career in business by studying entrepreneurship and marketing. He enjoys and learning about money and the ins-and-outs of a business. For three years he’s worked as an ATM technician setting up machines at various festivals, carnivals, concerts, etc. So he understands the importance of keeping the customer happy. He think Business Inc. has being a fantastic learning tool for him in terms of business making.
DevinStory    Devin Story- Devin is a senior at Dundee Crown High School and the COO of Malebox. She helps Malebox accomplish goals and deadlines to ensure their customers are satisfied with the box. In her free time, Devin plays soccer and dances. She will start college next fall studying business management and management of information systems. She hopes Malebox grows to become a necessity for all guys entering college.

Isiah Ziegler - Isiah is a Co-Founder of Malebox LLC and I am currently the CPIO for the company. I am also very involved in sports, playing  football and wrestling. I am currently enrolled in my senior year at Dundee Crown High School. I am also very prepared to take the business world on with open arms.


 DeannOriger    Deanna Origer - I am a senior at Dundee Crown and an intern for Malebox. I am an Avid and National Honors Society student and play softball competitively. This is my second year in the Business Incubator Program, last year I was CFO for our business startup and have learned so much more on the ins and outs of what business really is. I am excited to be given the opportunity to take part in Malebox and help the business excel.
 JackBurns    Jack Burns - As an avid business student, I've always been very enthusiastic about our INCubator programme, as last year I served as the COO of our business startup project. Because of this, I've been taking as many business classes as I can, as helping MaleBox has become one of my newfound passions. In addition to MaleBox, I run cross country and I am joining the United States Marine Corps to lead marines as a lieutenant after I finish college with a business administration and management degree.
 Jake    Sean Swanson - I am currently a senior at Dundee Crown High School. I've played soccer at Dundee Crown since my freshman year and I am now on the varsity team. This is my third year of the incubator program. Last year I was a member of First STEP and this year I have decided to continue as an associate for Malebox. The incubator program is a wonderful class filled with many great people and an even greater setting. Over the past 3 years this is the one class I have looked forward too because I love being in this type of classroom environment. Joining the incubator program as a sophomore and continuing on to my senior year was one of my best choices I've made. Not many people can say that they've had hands on experience with two companies by the age of 17. I hope that I can bring great things to Malebox and can continue to make this business strive.






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