Our Story

Put six very different dudes together at a table and have them talk about their problems.

This was the scenario that our team along with thirteen other student groups were placed in as part of Dundee-Crown High School's Business INCubator program. Over the course of that year, we would all be trained using our own product ideas to become young entrepreneurs with the skills to manage a business. Our team was unique in that it consisted of a variety of different personalities, but all of us were guys. As we discussed the everyday problems that plagued our lives, the vision of an all-in-one solution to all of our pet-peeves began to come to light.

After seeing my mother receive her monthly "women's must-haves" subscription package, I wondered if such a solution could be found in the subscription box industry for guys like us. After hours of searching for a box that fit my needs and interests, all I could find were boring men's cosmetics collections and 'one problem, one solution' boxes.

Having found that we could use this idea to help college guys manage their lives and provide them with a care package that is tailored to their lifestyle, the MaleBox team went to work. Since its inception, MaleBox has expanded and utilized the creative minds of many talented men and women in order to achieve our goal of creating a unique experience that young men in college can look forward to every month. Today, we're working hard to bring our first official box to your doorstep. See what mail can do for males – subscribe today!

-Kevin Andersen, Co-Founder

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