Yes, the majority of college students can make a quick trip to the convenience store to get what they need, but MaleBox offers something special. MaleBox is a monthly reminder from relatives, parents, or friends that they are being thought of. A monthly box not only gives a warm reminder that they are important, but also reminds them that the hard work they are doing at school is being appreciated and acknowledged. Getting a subscription box filled with items they love from someone they appreciate is a reminder of the people at home. 

What is MaleBox? 

 MaleBox is a monthly subscription box for guys in college. Our goal as a company is to provide college guys with a unique and useful product that will benefit them on a day to day basis. 

 After extensive market research we decided to equip the box with 5 categories. The categories include snacks, personal accessories, tech, Self maintenance and miscellaneous. 

Gift Box

MB 1 month P

Subscription: 3 Month

MaleBox Subscription 3 Month

Subscription: 6 Month

MaleBox Subscription 6 Month

Subscription: 12 Month

MaleBox Subscription 12 Month

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